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SLINGBOX Overføring av multimedia via internett

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Watch your TV Anywhere!
Watch and control multiple devices - including your standard or high-definition DVR, digital cable, satellite receiver, or DVD player - from anywhere in the world on your computer or mobile phone. View your high-definition programming with amazing clarity.
HD Video
Connect to any one of your HD sources for true high-definition video on your computer and great picture quality on your mobile phone.

Multiple Inputs
Connect to and control multiple video sources, including your DVR, digital cable, satellite receiver, and DVD player.

Built-in Digital Tuner
Take advantage of the integrated digital tuner (DVB-T) for access to digital cable (clear QAM) and free to view over-the-air broadcasts. The digital tuner may be used if you don't want remote use your Slingbox to impact on other members of the household.
Getting Started with Slingbox PRO-HD is Simple
1. Connect the Slingbox to up to three A/V devices, such as a DVR, a cable set-top box, and a DVD player/recorder (there are over 10,000 Slingbox-compatible devices).
2. Connect the Slingbox to your home network (if your router is too far from your Slingbox for a direct connection, use the SlingLink or another Ethernet bridge for connectivity).
3. Fire up your home network-connected Windows PC or Mac computer, complete the Slingbox setup, and enjoy your very own home theatre via the Web.