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Johansson Filterforsterker med frekvenskonvergering

Johansson / Profiler / Profiler
Merke Johansson
Modellbetegnelse 6630 - SUPER PROFILER 8 CLUSTE
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kr. 7 990,-


Programmable filter amplifier (Super filters):
7 inputs: BI-FM / BIII-DAB / AUX / 4 x UHF
8 Clusters + 2 single-channel super filters (30 dB @ 1 MHz)
Frequency conversion from input to output
5-12-24 V remote power for LNA

The Super Profilers are a special version of the Profiler PLUS series, having two superselective single channel filters. A very attractive feature is the frequency conversion: A multiplex can be converted to another frequency channel, offering you the possibility to manage your own frequency plan!
inputs: BI-FM / BIII-DAB / AUX (47-862 MHz) / 4 x UHF
2 super selective filters: 30 dB @ 1 MHz
8 highly selective cluster filters (30 dB rejection @ 16 MHz): 1 to 7 channels bandwidth
frequency conversion functionality
high gain: 60 dB
very high output power: > 120 dB?V
5-12-24 V selectable remote voltage to power a preamplifier on BIII-DAB and UHF inputs
2 programmable outputs
low temperature operation: no fan
high-efficiency power supply with increased lifetime
easy programming by PC with innovative configuration software or stand-alone control unit
remote configuration possibility!