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AUDIO Riaa og mikrofonforsterker

Lyd & Bilde / Platespiller / RIAA forsterker
Modellbetegnelse TC-720
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kr. 595,-


Professionell Forforsterker Microphone / Phono
The microphone pre-amp section is designed to accept both Dynamic or Condenser microphones via a selection switch or a low level input such as guitar or telephone pick up. The phono pre-amp section features an extremely accurate RIAA record compensation response with very low noise and audio distortion. This high gain, low noise pre-amp is ideal for both home and professional studio and broadcast application.
Generell informasjon
" data-readmore=""Technical specifications:
• Input impedance:47k Ohm phono, 600 Ohm microphone
• Input level:3mV phono mode, 0.3mV microphone mode
• Gain:40db both phono and microphone mode
• Signal/Noise ratio:>75db both phono and microphone mode
• Frequency response:20Hz - 20kHz
• Equalisation:RIAA + 1db to -3db 20Hz-20kHz
• Output level:200mV RMS
• Load impedance:>10k Ohm